Chapter One – What is HOPE?

Hope is a positive word. HOPE is common used in facing the state of uncertainty.
While hope build a peaceful atmosphere, the condition without hope will leads to peril and chaos.
Hope is common ground for people life.
Since the beginning of the life itself, before we as a human born,
We are the outcome of the seed of hope from our parents.

Definition of hope from Merriam-Webster is to cherish a desire with anticipation: to want something to happen or be true.

Hope for me is the beginning of the brighter future, start with hope, proceed with small action boost by courage, deal with problems with no judgment and focusing on giving the best of what I have.

Rather it is more time to spend, to build influence or killing the problems, it’s all needs process.
Process that requires sacrifice, it can be our comfort zone, it can be our choice to hang out with people we love, or maybe it could make us suffer on hardest path ever in life. The only thing that is sure is we will know the outcome when we keep going forward.

Sometimes what we saw in the first is not as bad as what we see today. Time heals, that’s what people said. That’s where I learn hindsight. Hindsight gives understanding. Hindsight came after time. Problems help us to discover what our true self is. The more the problems, the faster we discovered ourselves.

There are always questions in my mind, who are you? What is your life all about? What do you want to do in life?

Day after day, weeks, months even years gone by. Until at one time, I decide to take small step.
On the train back to Jakarta, hereby I want to start my journey to #fulfillinglife.

Life is full of options and is a long journey to fulfillment.
Every people have different longings, dreams, goals, problems.
I would like to hear story after story and it’s really good to have people who are in the same boat as me.
Sailing towards the #FULFILLINGLIFE
You could comment below, or DM me on Instagram @matthewsteffano. I would gladly to hear your story. If you have a friend that is on journey towards #fulfillinglife as well or already enjoying the best of life could give, please share this to them as well. Much appreciated and have a good day.

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