Life is full of choices, the human is valued by their action toward condition. The response so we called is an action of humans in facing the opportunities/hurdles/challenges ahead. The mindset in making those decisions has a great influence on what action we will take. As human consists of body, mind, and soul. This one will talk a lot from the perspective of the mind. Begin in the mind, act from the body and impacting the soul of others.

One evening while the wind blows in front of my window. How great it is to live like the wind. The wind blows to anything, anyone without carrying any prejudice. It will be so peaceful if people not carrying their burdens, unnecessary feelings into their actions. Judgment is one of the unnecessary feelings that would help us to miss the good gift over the bad package outside. Who are we to judge other people? We may good in some part of life than other people, but again we aren’t perfect enough to dictate other people’s life to follow our judgmental opinion. More to it, to judge is to let us carry what our assumptions as a truth that we believe it’s true even though it’s not proven yet, or maybe we tend to connect the dots to support our assumptions to convince others that it’s true. The sure thing is that the judgment that we delivered will only make us harder to move on from our present state of life due to intimacy we make with our judgmental way of thinking. I do want to level up, I do want to become better, should I maintain this judgmental way of life or should I try the opposite?

Let’s point out the opposite of the judgmental way of life or we could call the non-judgmental way of life. What is the non-judgmental way of life? Non-judgmental way of life is a kind of mindset that not carrying assumptions towards the process of making decisions. Pronto, our act is basically fueled by our values in life.

Why would non-judgmental way of life goods for me? First, a non-judgmental way of life helps us in staying calm facing the conflicts. How could that be? When we are not judging others, it helps us to be more aware of the series of history, events, and to understand what he/she felt on doing that, in another form of statements, we usually called this “be in his/her shoes” idiom. Second, we could contemplate and choose the right decision. Right decision based on our priorities, our learning from past experiences. And the Third, discover our values and moving towards the greatness of us. Tests always come no matter what the circumstances, it doesn’t care when we are in our top condition or in our lowest condition. Sometimes the test comes in a disguise, we get a promotion, gifts, good perks in life, instant gratification, etc yet it’s a test to define who we are, what our values are.

The way of life on being non-judgmental faction also a rare case to see in people nowadays. The internet helps us to get a lot of information easy and fast, but does that always true? A lot of junk information, hoax information that only attracted the viewer to see and making their content viral on short of time. This one will be discussed on another page. The thing is our values is important because that will define who we are personally. I believe everyone agrees that we are different and have our own definition of success and our own best version of us.

To help discover who we really are it is easier to embed the non-judgmental way of life in us.

I’m still on the journey to discover myself and be my best version of myself. It’s not an easy way, it’s a lifetime process. What kind of legacy that I would leave at my after grave-period? That I would know by always reminding myself to embrace the past, living my present, strive for my future.

2 responses to “Non-judgmental way of life”

  1. Yes that’s true!!. We can’t change it but all we can do is embrace it,accept it,face it n keep gracefull for everything in us. Dia menciptakan kita dengan keunikan sendiri-sendiri


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