In this new age, life is full of opportunities, and things to do. Especially in the big city, there’s a variety of attractions, and the progression of Tech is enormous in making our life easier. As easier it can be, we can use our smartphone to order food, to travel, to buy a lot of things from tickets to house, even we could meet someone special through the internet. That’s so good, isn’t it? At the same time don’t you realize how hard to focus on our purpose? That’s why we need to develop focus habits in our everyday life.

Focus is direct attention toward what matters, or we could say cultivating awareness of what truly matters. – Daniel Goleman (Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence). Doing a meticulous task or important task requires focus if we want to finish well. The impacts of focus are helping us to build our emotional intelligence and to help us to make our idea come true. To make our idea come true requires us to build strategy, make innovation, and manage the process to outcome. When we do something, that means we put our attention to what we are doing. We can’t be a good goalkeeper at the football match if we only wear gloves and our team shirt without realizing where the ball is. If we are not putting our attention to the ball, we would fail to catch the ball when the opposition shoots the ball. Attention is like foundation, the foundation for us to be able to solve problems, avoid overthinking, reducing stress,  be able to achieve something and be an effective leader. Because our attention will create experiences and the experiences will make a life. If we want to be successful in life, we should put more attention to what we choose to do and not do. There’s no apple tree without apple seed. If we want to make an apple-tree we should start to grow the apple seed.

How do we able to increase our focus? We need attention management. Attention management is not a reactive kind but it’s an intentional kind, we should be more aware to recognize where our attention goes. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Mostly our distractions come from external and internal sources. The majority of the external is our smartphone, to be able to minimize our distractions from it, we could make some rules on how we want to make use of time for smartphones. Time restrictions are an example, after that, we should be disciplined. Rules will only group of sentences if no one act upon it. Well if that’s not enough, we could use some help from others. Share our struggles and ask for help from trusted friends to help us. Constructs boundaries, so we could achieve what we want and minimalize our failure potential. Boundaries such as schedule time every week or sometime in a month to have chill self-contemplating-alone-time to regain consciousness, or we could put a sign on our door if we don’t want to be disturbed from our neighbors. Then from internal, we need to build the supportive behavior that is built from time to time until it became a habit. Lastly, thoughts, we need to take control of our thoughts, because every action is generated the thoughts.

Focus is not a state where there’s no distractions. Focus is a discipline to choose what truly matters.


The clock is ticking, 2019 will be over soon, achievements, regrets, laughter, sadness. Let it be wrapped in memories that leads us to sincere living. In these limited time in our life, let’s start the focus journey, seven days straight, 21 days straight, 40 days straight, a year, the whole lifetime, so we able to reach our best self and being fruitful on our impacts.

If you’re know or already have your own focus journey, please share on the comment below and let’s keep encouraging people for being more focus to sail the ocean of life. Cheerio~

One response to “Learning to Focus”

  1. Thank you hopemity for the sharing, that’s super good.

    Menjaga tetap fokus lah yang menjadi challenge nya. Sometimes in the middle of our journey,kita mule dicobai untuk melihat kanan ato kiri. Just like when we drive our car, we have to still focus to the road in front of us but somehow toko-toko yang ada di kanan kiri mulai menggoda kita untuk melirik & hilang konstrasi fokus kedepan.

    Konsistensi lah dalam menjaga fokus kita. Pilah mana hal yang penting, mana hal yang tidak penting untuk dipikirkan.


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