Who are you? When this question came, what’s your default answer? Some of us told our name, our occupation, our title, our status. But what exactly are you if you think deep about it?

To answer with clear and confident answer we should look first what’s on inside. This came to the values that we hold on in life. Values refers to what we set as our standard, framework, limit. What we value will help determine what our decisions next. Discover our values, what we believe, what is our cause that we want to live on. Value will build purpose, purpose will build our life better. Truly will give tremendous boost in life.

Sometimes we also stuck on our condition, condition could affects us in a good way or a bad way. It’s good if we realize it comes from the outside influence, so we could block it from overwhelming our thinking. Perspective is easily contaminated with our present condition.

I have a friend who got accidents 2 years ago. He suffered badly from the crash, he was in a bike that hit by a car. Resulting the knee joint got dislocated and crushed on several part of the lower legs. He didn’t able to walk for about a year and half. Yet he chooses to face it with happiness and just keep doing the best that he can. The condition makes his life changes 180 degrees but he dared to faced every challenges with dignity and bravery. He knows his values, so he choose to stay authentic even when he’s in a wheelchair. With good deeds in life will lead to a better and greater life. That’s what I’ve seen in his life. that’s why to stay authentic in all the trouble, worry, pressures storming us, it’s the time for us to keep faithful, giving our best and believe on what we values in life.

The one million dollar question is this, why we do what do we do right now? Why are we being a blogger? Why are we being an accountant? Why are we being an architect? Why are we being a lawyer? Why are we dieting? Why do we go to work? All of the questions is only leads to one thing. Why do we live as a human? What makes us excite to wake up in the morning? If we already found that, keep doing it with a grateful and thankful heart. Stay authentic.

Values covers what’s our most valuable thing in life.


If you get stripped of what you have now, what’s left on you? You could put your comment(s) below and let’s having some conversation for journey to #fulfillinglife.

One response to “Authenticity”

  1. Who am I? When reading the question, I am surely believe that I am a masterpiece of the Creator. When I’m think about the answer itself, I reflects that I should have the mindset that I have to be better every morning when I wake up. Great message and reflection, thanks!

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