I just celebrated my 26th birthday around last week. There is a gratitude list that I want to highlight during my birthday as follows:

  1. The Light has guided me and still get along with me even if I was trying to go far from the Light. And now, I am here and live in the Light. Light that has guided me home again, home that still accepting me for who I am even if I am considered as a prodigal daughter. But still, The Light is coming to pick up my pieces and make me whole again. The Light is the one that I always look up to, the one that I always run into. I am not lost anymore. I am at peace. Life after this is still full of uncertainty, however I believe that the Light will guide me and with me to lead me into the unknown exciting journey.
  • The support system in the form of humans. I should say that I am one of the luckiest persons in the world. Quality over quantity, they said. But thankfully, in my side, the quantity is quite many but the quality of the relationship is still great. From the relationship with these lovely humans I understand that the key after all is to be honest and trust each other. Say no when you need to rest and need your own space, they will stay if they are meant to stay. 

On the other hand, even if I am not a child anymore – my heart still can dream about several things that need to be chased:

  1. The pending milestones. Considered myself as an ambitious person but in this 26 I am now realized that everyone has their own timing and not everything must have the answers right now but still, there are several boxes that I haven’t ticked yet in term of I want to chase in term of my career, personal relationship, travel more, have fixed assets, so on and so forth. After all those things, importantly, I really want to be someone that can be impactful to the world. Upon knowing how grateful I am to be loved, I want to spread the love more and more and more.
  • Mindful life. The definition of mindful for me has been changed time after time. Previously I thought mindful was living the YOLO life without thinking about the long term impacts and consequences towards anything in my life. However, the mindful definition for the 26 years old me is being well-planned is a must, but still you need to do your best but let God/Universe/whatever you call what you believe decides what is your fate might leads you. But still, don’t forget to enjoy the moment! You are who you think you are, so worrying will only waste your time and make you less energize to seize your future!
  • Healthy lifestyle in sustainable way. Sustainable means you will keep doing it no matter what. In my opinion, healthy lifestyle means you eat in a mindful portion (for example, you eat 1 (one) instant noodle per month not everyday just because you know what’s inside the instant noodle), you know what you eat whether what you eat will be impacted to your body in the future – I personally, encourage myself to eat more plants, know what your body/mind/soul needs to know. It is like not every food will suit every person which equal with not every person love romantic-comedy series, go exercise more for your long term health, and minimize the waste. Do you know that by keeping the healthy lifestyle, the impact is not only for yourselves but maybe you will help the earth.

After all this time, I learn that at in the end, you will get what you deserve. You will not left behind. Keep spreading the good things and the Light will guide you to the place where you should be. Have a great time.

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