Listed company analysis today, will inform you about PT Unilever Indonesia, TBK (UNVR). Unilever Indonesia built at 05 December 1933, and currently one of the biggest Fast Moving Consumer Goods company in Indonesia. Products of Unilever Indonesia are Pepsodent, Lux, Lifebuoy, Dove, Sunsilk, Clear, Rexona, Vaseline, Rinso, Molto, Sunlight, Wall’s, Royco, Bango, and more. Unilever still aiming for sustainable living for the users to the earth, and consistently campaigning to inspired people to make a difference in this earth.

Unilever Indonesia Profile of Series 46

Based on the data of 2019 report. It’s been 85 years Unilever in Indonesia and have 42 brands and 9 factories in Jababeka-Cikarang, Rungkut-Surabaya, and main office in Tangerang. The Company’s shares were first offered to the public in 1981 and have been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 11 January 1982. At the end of 2015, Unilever Indonesia was the fourth largest company by market capitalization on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Shareholding Structure UNVR of Series 46

Unilever Indonesia total shares are 7.630.000.000 and 15% or about open to public and the rest belong to the holding company in Netherlands. As we can see below is the structure of the organization of Unilever Indonesia.

Source: Unilever Investor Relations

Key Financial Statistics of UNVR in IDR:

Balance Sheet

Cash: 491,9 B
Total Asset: 21.543,6 B

Short Term Debt: 12.117,2 B
Long Term Debt: 2.207,3 B
Total Equity: 8.616,2 B

Income Statement

Revenue 11.152,9 B

Gross Profit 5.847,9 B
Operating Profit 2.389,5 B

Net Profit : 1.862,7 B
EBITDA 5.079,6 B
Interest Expense 52,0 B

Earnings Per Share 48.89
Price Earnings Ratio 168.75x
Book Value Per Share 189,23
Price to Book Value 43.60x
Return on Asset 8,65%
Return on Equity 25,80%
Enterprise Value/EBITDA 64,68
Debt/Equity 1.98
Debt/Total Capital 0.66
Debt/EBITDA 2.82
EBITDA/Interest Expense 97.74

Several highlight of UNVR in 2020:

  • New Director of UNVR goes to Badri Narayanan, Indian who already join UNVR since 2000 as Sales and Customer Area Manager and before becoming the Director of Unilever Indonesia, Badri was Global Vice President and B2B eCommerce and Route to Market which base in India. Stanford Business School graduates in Corporate Innovation and Strategic Leadership.
  • Dividend of 2019 with IDR 107/share or with the total amount of IDR will be held and distribute on next August 2020, details can be found below.
  • New Independent Board of Commissioner Ignasius Jonan.
  • Net Income of first semester 2020 at IDR 21.77 Trillion which is increased 1.5% than first semester of 2019. Due to Covid-19 brings the people to be more clean and prioritize health more than ever which shown at increased sales of lifebuoy and increased 100 times in the production stage.

Current Target Price for UNVR:

Korea investmentBuy Rating9.300
HSBCHold Rating8.100
Mandiri SekuritasBuy Rating9.500
BNI SecuritiesBuy Rating9.400
NomuraBuy Rating10.300
MNC SecuritiesHold Rating8.400
BCA SekuritasHold Rating8.000
Mirae Asset Daewoo Co., LtdBuy Rating9.300
Ciptadana SekuritasBuy Rating10.390
HopemityBuy Rating8.800
Target Price of UNVR

Unilever Indonesia Dividend
-Cum Dividend in Regular Market and Negotiate at 4 August 2020 ;
-Ex Dividen in Regular Market and Negotiate at 5 August 2020;
-Cum Dividen in Money Market at 6 August 2020 ; and
-Recording date at 6 August 2020, (if you want to get the dividend, this is the day);
-Ex Dividen in Money Market at 7 August 2020;
-Distribution date at 19 August 2020.

So have you buy UNVR shares in your pocket? Grab before it reach 8.400.
Happy trading and don’t forget to only use cold money for your purchase.
Have a good night.

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