Today edition is PT Astra International Tbk (ASII), this company is existing since 20 February 1957 in Jakarta. This one has multiple sectors on its company, we are known as the Conglomerate industry.

Company Information

ASII headquarter is in North Jakarta, Indonesia. ASII is the largest independent automotive group in Southeast Asia. Several brands that ASII manages are Toyota, Daihatsu, Isuzu, UD Trucks, Peugeot and BMW for automobiles, and Honda for motorcycles. Besides, Astra also has financial services; heavy equipment and mining; agribusiness; infrastructure and logistics; and information technology in his ecosystem. Employed more than 200.000 employees with total assets topped more than IDR 343 T. Majority shareholder of PT Astra International Tbk is Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited or about 50.11%. Current price at IDR 5.150/share and underwriter when IPO on 04-April-1990 by PT Danareksa (Persero). How well Astra in 2020? let’s check the financial statement below.

Key Financial Statistics

Financial Statement ASII Semester 1
Financial Ratios ASII Semester 1

Highlights of 2020

  • Sell of Bank Permata increase ASII net income by IDR 11.4 T or increase 16% year-on-year.
  • Revenue from Automotive Industry drops 23% year-on-year into IDR 89.8 T.
  • Total asset up 3% to IDR 3.773 T compared to 31 December 2019 total asset.
  • The dividend of income 2019 is IDR 157/share and distributed on 10 July 2020.
  • Retail automotive in January-May 2020 falls 40% compared to 2019.

Target Price

Ciptadana SekuritasHold Rating5.800
DanareksaBuy Rating5.600
RHB ResearchBuy Rating5.250
Credit SuisseNeutral4.200
Morgan StanleyBuy Rating5.200
NomuraBuy Rating6.500
Mandiri SekuritasBuy Rating5.000
UOB Kay HianBuy Rating5.800
Indo Premier SecuritiesBuy Rating5.700
J.P. MorganBuy Rating5.300
HopemityBuy Rating5.400
Target Price ASII of Series 52


Here we see, another company that is good for long-term investment in IHSG. ASII is promising with the domination in Southeast-Asia and the leader of the market in Indonesia. As long the need for people to have a car still unchanged, the growth of automotive will keep increasing rapidly. The big competitor will depend on the China-competitor with the lower price offered, or if the era of oil becoming an era of electric or renewable gas. Other than that, I guess ASII will keep growing and getting unbeatable in terms of its business ecosystem.

Let us start the habit of investing, let the money work itself out.

Making money works for us not us working for money.


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