Indonesia has a lot of natural resources. Every island has its own product and different kind of inhabitants living in the environment. As far as the west from the east of Indonesia. There’s known as Sabang Island to Merauke Island, even there’s a song for it. How beautiful are the scenery and the living organism in this country! Unfortunately, as humanity evolved, nature takes its toll by the reckless consumption in the name of money. As the earth grows older and more fragile by the acts of selfish humans, the beauty filled with garbage that cannot be devoured by time alone. Extinguishing them, hurt the earth even more. But we have options and powers to change them. Let’s start with ourselves by using fewer plastics, care more about the climate, and more mindful of our own consumption. Today, we are going to talk about the energy sector. MEDC or known as Medco Energy.

Company Information

Edition 58 – MEDC

PT Medco Energi International Tbk is engaged in oil and gas exploration and production, drilling services, methanol production, and the power generation industry. The wealthier countries like the USA, UK, and Europe already spend resources to develop a new source of energy to decreasing fossil fuels. Even though the usage of oil consumption is still high except these countries, they are Greenland, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Suriname, Lithuania, Latvia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Congo, Sudan, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand.

The demand is enormous, from earth to the human. MEDC is the middle-man of it. MEDC itself owned by PT Medco Daya Abadi Lestari about 50.01% stakes and Diamond Bridge PTE. LTD, 21.38% stakes. 28.61% publicly traded in IHSG. The current President of Director is Hilmi Panigoro, age 64 and Indonesian nationality who also the current Director of PT Medco Duta, PT Medco Intidinamika, and also on the board of PT Meta Archipelago Hotels. He is an MBA graduate from Thunderbird School of Global Management.  MEDC IPO-ed on 12 October 1994, with initial price IDR 4.350/share, and the acting underwriters are PT Bahana Securities partnered with PT Niaga Securities.

Key Financial Statistics

Pictures provided.

MEDC Financial Statement of Series 58
MEDC Financial Ratios of Series 58

Highlights of 2020

  • The effect of the fluctuations price of oil resulting in the MEDC shares gone down very low, the current price is IDR 565/share with yesterday’s price is IDR 498/share.
  • Successful exploration drill in South Natuna Sea Blok B announced yesterday, 10 August 2020.
  • Accelerated settlement of global bonds, increase foreign investor’s confidence in MEDC.
  • The affiliates company of MEDC named Medco issued a positive growth of 29.38% higher than the previous semester of 2019.

Target Price



As the oil price grows higher, it makes the oil and gas company be benefited as well. Watch the news, have several sectors on your portfolio that will make your chance of greener portfolio of yours. The world is spinning, it has its own pattern of movement. So is every market in this world, if we could define it and move through it. I’m sure we could not just surviving it but also conquering it.

Stay faithful, and read a lot!

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