Composite Index here referred to Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) stocks. Composite Index of IDX comprises 712 listed companies. Let’s take a look at the current condition and how far today will look like.

Bearish and Bullish here show the lowest and highest probability of today’s transactions. Based on the picture above, we can see bearish at 4930.3 and bullish at 5165. Last week, we had a significant fall of 5% in a day. It’s a record and evidence that many investors lost confidence in the IDX. Although the following day, there are two days in a row a sign of rebound from the -5% fall. Thankfully yes, able to overcome the -5% loss.

Every day from last week showed that the foreign valuation keeps decreasing consistently. The lowest was at IDR 405 Bio, with IDR 1105 Bio as the highest. It’s not normal compared to last month’s progression or even on June progression. Is it due to PSBB part two? or something more to it?

Interestingly on Friday, 18 Sep 20, the portion of the foreign transaction in IDX had a significant part on the market. 48.5% to be exact that usually only took at least 27-30% of the market transactions, where do the domestic investor go?

By the looks of it, Indonesian’s market is not as attractive as before in the investor mind. Japan’s new election with Yoshihide Suga as the victor. Sinovac China Vaccine testing at Bandung, West Java Indonesia. Trade-war between the USA and China that still ongoing. Tiktok USA most likely goes to Oracle and Walmart. Global cases COVID-19 surpasses 30 Million people. It’s a tough time for us all. Let’s keep doing what we do with our best efforts. Let’s make a ripple of kindness by what we do each day onwards. Stay safe!

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