Tuesday not so good for us. Red is seen at the end of Tuesday, but the time to buy is near. Think of it like it’s having a big discount since the last rebound on 27 August 2020. Correction from premature growth of August.

The fall out still ongoing. Tuesday shows us no sign of bounce back. We saw another drop of -1.31%. Many of us asking, when will this stop? I think soon this will hit the bottom. Prepare your funds to buy in this discount session.

Based on the picture above, the possible bullish area capability extends to 5028.3 with the bearish at 4897. The bottom floor may be at 4853.2.

The Foreign Net Valuation went negative again. Tuesday trade shows -632.5B. Although it’s still better than last week, remember the time of planting will come soon. Don’t take your roots too early. It will hurt so much.

Concerning the portion of foreign funds, it goes lower than yesterday but still higher than the last week’s average.

Global report.
Japan’s state news shows Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has kicked off his tenure with policy goals that should excite investors: eliminate unnecessary bureaucratic walls, smash special interests and execute painful regulatory reforms. His views have been more influenced by the neoliberal policies of then-Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.

Hong Kong stocks suffer from more losses following a heavy sell-off in New York and Europe, fuelled by the worries about the reimposition of some lockdown measures in some countries in response to a fresh wave of virus infections.

Wall Street stocks dropped for a third straight session as worries about the latest coronavirus surge and the diminishing odds of another US stimulus bill weighed on equities. The same goes for France, Britain, and other countries.

The green is seen at Nikkei Japan Stocks Market, and KL Stocks only. S&P tonight still green but I wonder will this lasts until the last bell.

Indonesia’s coronavirus death rate still high, the infected still growing as well. Indonesia going to enter crisis, as the Q3 performance below than expected. PSBB part two, let’s passed this with full mark, don’t repeat same mistakes from the first PSBB. The storm might feel heavy, but don’t lose hope.

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