You are Special

I born and raised in Indonesia, I’m one of the Millenials here in this country. As I grew up, I ate a lot of instant noodles which now becoming one of the favorite foods in Nigeria. I’m not going to announce the brand, I’m sure Indonesian already now it best. Way past that, there are some which shaping our way of thinking today. Marketing movement, ads, and the culture past down from the colonialization are misleading us to seek the shortest route even taking any shortcut possible with any action possible.

The power of internet allowing us to compare easily. Comparison kills some might say. But with no hassle access to the network combined with the pandemic situation that currently in, we will keep consuming content that available in the internet. Bear in mind, everyone can say anything, claim anything, share anything in this today’s society. At least, before we let the information goes to our system of thoughts, make sure that we check the facts and grasping the purpose of the writer.

Every human is uniquely made and have their own purposes. That facts alone leads us to define us as a special person each and every one of us. While we trying to become better on our way, we got to being confident of ourselves first. The path that makes us joyful and peace is the confirmation that we take the right way.

You are special does not mean you are self-centered freak. You are special affirms you to do what you want to do, to walk the path you want, to build what it needs to have on your life. More importantly it is not all about you. It’s about our effort to feel content and giving back to others while we can.

I hope this writing could reach your heart and mind. Courage is not the condition without fear, courage is a decision even in our fear, we don’t want to lose to it.

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