The foggy weather is not due to rain, but the pollution in the Central of Jakarta is. This time I want to share my thinking about how life should be.

It begins with this saying “no strings attached”, it rings in my mind. But I don’t want to talk about this in a way of it’s been usually used. I just want to absorb the meaning into a different kind of use. It’s rhyme, isn’t it? Well, yeah let’s take a look at the tree from the first picture. The tree is there in an area lots of buildings, main-road, pollution and such. I learn a lot from a tree, especially how they lived their life. They always do what they doing, without hesitation every day. Even when it rains, or when it’s hot, it just fulfilled its duty as a tree, absorbs our residue from our breathing process, and turns it into fresh oxygen so we can continue our course of life.

If we look at that, what if we live a life of giving. Giving with our whole heart, not with any intention behind it. Imagine life like that, the world will be filled with generous people. At least economic equality maybe will come to life.

What’s the effect of giving? Why is it a big deal to do? It’s not common in our world, especially in the city. People are taught to collect as many as possible without checking the extent of what they need. It’s easy for us who live in the city to become greedy and not recognized it. Due to the stress and a lot of things that we needs wants, it keeps piling up to the extent that life is all about having than giving. It’s normal basically, and it’s the way the world wants us to do exactly. People living their life, to study in school, get good grades, graduate, work, promotions, met the right one, dating, married, have a little family, then become a bigger family, and it’s all about us. Our perspective is about ourselves by default. That what we should practice. 

We like to receive something, either in form of tangible or intangible. When we receiving something from others especially if it’s a surprise, happiness is overflowing.

Whatever comes from your heart, it will reach the recipient heart.


The joy of giving is much greater than the happiness of receiving. Giving can be anything, spending time with your friend in need, buying food for your friends in trouble, asking “how are you doing?” with sincerity, lend your ear to hear your friend’s stories, words that you say to him/her, and so much more. It’s not about how much money you have, how much influence you have, how many people trusted you, what privilege you have. Whatever comes from your heart, will stick. We won’t know what we do will matter if we don’t do it.

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