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  • Composite Index – 23 September 2020

    Composite Index – 23 September 2020

    Tuesday not so good for us. Red is seen at the end of Tuesday, but the time to buy is near. Think of it like it’s having a big discount since the last rebound on 27 August 2020. Correction from premature growth of August. The fall out still ongoing. Tuesday shows us no sign of […]

  • Composite Index – 22 September 2020

    Composite Index – 22 September 2020

    The time when I type this, it’s raining hard outside my house. I thankful because I still have a roof to lay on. I hope Jakarta won’t suffer more flood this time. Monday is not too kind to us, wasn’t it? The market drop for another -1.18%. But this one, mostly caused by the domestic […]

  • Composite Index – 21 September 2020

    Composite Index – 21 September 2020

    Composite Index here referred to Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) stocks. Composite Index of IDX comprises 712 listed companies. Let’s take a look at the current condition and how far today will look like. Bearish and Bullish here show the lowest and highest probability of today’s transactions. Based on the picture above, we can see bearish […]

  • Broker Series – PT CGS-CIMB Sekuritas Indonesia (in Bahasa)

    Broker Series – PT CGS-CIMB Sekuritas Indonesia (in Bahasa)

    Opening Sekuritas satu ini berada dibawah naungan holding company nya di Singapura. Banyak dari kita mungkin lebih familiar ke perusahaan banking nya yang aktif di Indonesia dengan nama CIMB Niaga. Sebelumnya berdiri dengan nama Bank Niaga tetapi telah diakuisisi sepenuhnya sehingga berganti nama menjadi CIMB Niaga. Company Information PT CGS-CIMB Sekuritas Indonesia memiliki kode broker […]

  • Listed Company Analysis – UNTR

    Listed Company Analysis – UNTR

    Opening Here we are going to look at a company based in Indonesia, which also part of the Astra International group. This company has operated nearly 50 years old in Indonesia. One of the biggest in its sector, its name is United Tractors. Company Information PT United Tractors Tbk distributes and leases construction machinery includes […]

  • Listed Company Analysis – BDMN

    Listed Company Analysis – BDMN

    Opening This episode analysis goes to a banking company based in Indonesia that partnered with MUFG Japan (one of the megabanks in Japan). Their cooperation wants to penetrate the Indonesian market better by local knowledge and global expertise in the financial sector.   Company Information Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk PT provides general banking services. The Bank’s […]

  • Broker Series – PT RHB Securities Indonesia (in Bahasa)

    Broker Series – PT RHB Securities Indonesia (in Bahasa)

    Company Information RHB Sekuritas Indonesia berpusat di Jakarta, Indonesia sejak 1990. Hingga tahun 1997 RHB Sekuritas berdiri dengan nama perusahaan Dwipanca Rezeki baru kemudian ganti ke Nusa Dana Inti Investama di tahun 2003. Tidak berhenti disitu di tahun 2008 mengalami perubahan lagi ke Nusadana Capital Indonesia. Setelah itu ada 3x perubahan lagi yang baru akhirnya […]