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  • Wheel of Life

    Wheel of Life

    In the wilderness, we act based on the instinct to live. Wilderness is real for some people, and some are not. Wilderness has not required any ticket to enter in. It is a low point in life which no one has immune to this. Each span of wilderness no one knows, some short, some longer […]

  • What is Normal? (in Bahasa)

    What is Normal? (in Bahasa)

    Menurut KBBI, definisi dari kata Normal yaitu “menurut aturan atau menurut pola yang umum; sesuai dan tidak menyimpang dari suatu norma atau kaidah; sesuai dengan keadaan yang biasa; tanpa cacat; tidak ada kelainan”. Normal adalah suatu hal yang umum, tidak menyimpang dan biasa. Memulai 2020 tentu dimulai dengan sikap yang biasa dilakukan tahun-tahun sebelumnya layaknya […]

  • 26


    I just celebrated my 26th birthday around last week. There is a gratitude list that I want to highlight during my birthday as follows: The Light has guided me and still get along with me even if I was trying to go far from the Light. And now, I am here and live in the […]

  • Forgiveness


    The root of “forgive” is the Latin word “perdonare,” meaning “to give completely, without reservation. Which one easier? Forgiving someone or asking for forgiveness or maybe doing nothing related to this forgive/not choices. Don’t you know? Human today totaled about 7.8 Billion (according to, compared to a human lifespan, let’s say 70 years. This […]

  • Authenticity

    Who are you? When this question came, what’s your default answer? Some of us told our name, our occupation, our title, our status. But what exactly are you if you think deep about it? To answer with clear and confident answer we should look first what’s on inside. This came to the values that we […]

  • Condolences


    Partir in French has meaning “to go”. Silly human, we live in a life full of what so-called responsibility. Working every day, aiming for promotion, seek to get paid month by month. Life so we called, fills with jobs, relationship with people, aiming to be independently wealthy and living a healthy life. Life for each […]

  • Learning to Focus

    Learning to Focus

    In this new age, life is full of opportunities, and things to do. Especially in the big city, there’s a variety of attractions, and the progression of Tech is enormous in making our life easier. As easier it can be, we can use our smartphone to order food, to travel, to buy a lot of […]