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  • Non-judgmental way of life

    Non-judgmental way of life

    Life is full of choices, the human is valued by their action toward condition. The response so we called is an action of humans in facing the opportunities/hurdles/challenges ahead. The mindset in making those decisions has a great influence on what action we will take. As human consists of body, mind, and soul. This one […]

  • Chapter One – What is HOPE?

    Chapter One – What is HOPE?

    Hope is a positive word. HOPE is common used in facing the state of uncertainty.While hope build a peaceful atmosphere, the condition without hope will leads to peril and chaos.Hope is common ground for people life.Since the beginning of the life itself, before we as a human born,We are the outcome of the seed of […]

  • Bonne Nuit

    Bonne Nuit

    Nowadays, I’m attracted to French accent. It heard so classy, unique, and kinda sweet. The word have meaning “good night”, we always said that in conversation with people, but not every people, it only works to people who is known to us, usually we Indonesian do that. Saying good night is a sign to end […]

  • Humility


    Kerendahan Hatihal (sifat) tidak sombong atau tidak angkuhDefinisi dari KBBI. Menurutku, kerendahan hati adalah bagian dari manusia yang tidak merasa puas dalam kondisinya saat ini. Ketidakpuasan yang berarti masih memiliki keinginan dan target yang lebih dan lebih lagi. Dia tidak merasa perlu untuk membuang kerendahan hatinya, karena itu melekat di dalam hidupnya. Seiring berjalannya waktu, […]

  • It’s only the Beginning.

    It’s only the Beginning.

    The past is behind us, the hope is out our front. Take a step and move forward. — Anonymous It’s all about a way of pouring my mind. To keep sane is to keep doing new things and spend time to contribute the world more. I’m just getting started, so stay tuned for more. May […]

  • Who am I?

    Who am I?

    A man who is seeking to live the best out of his life. Finance mindset in a startup world environment. People oriented person rather than task oriented. Why I build this? To give to more people without constraint of time and space. When I share, I learn more, I understand more, and sometimes I realize […]

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