About us

We have Body, Mind and Soul. How can we nurture and help it grow? By giving improvements and let the growing process happens. Sometimes it’s not easy to do. Even though Body Mind and Soul that are honed enable us to achieve greatly and can take control on ourselves. Solely because of this, I decide to choose living with hope and keep spreading positivity for the sake of processing myself to become the best version of me. Currently I’m aspiring to be a life coach and financial advisor for my clients. I hope we as an individual could have a safe space to share and meet other people who run the similar race. Why run alone when we can run together. Let’s strive and grow to the next level.

This website will provide you three things that consists of our THINK on this world matters, our EATS experience, and INVEST thing related.

Our foundation :

  • Trust
  • Relevant
  • Hopeful

I do believe a way to live a better life is by giving back to the society on everything that we can do. It’s not about us, it’s a way to make my life meaningful and content.

Facing forward future

Hail to all the dreamchaser, let’s keep moving forward. #fulfilling life.

If you have anything in mind or any inquiries, please contact the email below,

Email : hopemity@gmail.com

When we love, life will be better, then we could help people to be better as well. #fulfillinglife.

Warm regards from Jakarta, Indonesia

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