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  • Composite Index – 23 September 2020

    Composite Index – 23 September 2020

    Tuesday not so good for us. Red is seen at the end of Tuesday, but the time to buy is near. Think of it like it’s having a big discount since the last rebound on 27 August 2020. Correction from premature growth of August. The fall out still ongoing. Tuesday shows us no sign of […]

  • Composite Index – 22 September 2020

    Composite Index – 22 September 2020

    The time when I type this, it’s raining hard outside my house. I thankful because I still have a roof to lay on. I hope Jakarta won’t suffer more flood this time. Monday is not too kind to us, wasn’t it? The market drop for another -1.18%. But this one, mostly caused by the domestic […]