In the wilderness, we act based on the instinct to live. Wilderness is real for some people, and some are not. Wilderness has not required any ticket to enter in. It is a low point in life which no one has immune to this. Each span of wilderness no one knows, some short, some longer than other but one thing for sure, each one of it will pass eventually.

As we have known from the previous post, that the only constant thing is change. Always be grateful for what you have right now, whether it’s your health, finances, vocation, family, friends, business, challenges. Everything is meant to make you a better person in a unique way. Shout this if you believed it in the comment box below.

Knowing your core is an important part of living. The core is the center. Center of every priority that we have. To be able to #fulfillinglife people usually should focusing on two out of three main parts in life. Sleep; Social; Work. If you want to boost your career Work and Social are the things you focused on, sacrificing sleep time for longer social opportunities after work. If you want to sustain a healthy body and an “ok” career, Sleep and Work would be the outcome with lesser social time to catch up with old friends, seeking new friends, and so. Then Sleep and Social, this one is intoxicating, you enjoy life with friends, have a good sleep but fewer achievements at work. None is better than the other, this world will still move whatever you choose with. The more detailed of these three parts of life will be discussed in the latter article.

Good things of wilderness are it can reveal his/her greatest nature and developed values. In good condition, it may not be vague enough for us to know people. Good condition showing our comfort version of us. Wheel of life that I want to share is about certain conditions in life, that is moving but temporary. In the economic cycle, there is a crisis in every 8-12 years consecutively. In school, there’s always a test before going to higher grades. In every story we hear, there are climax and problems along the way. In life, there are ups and downs. No one stays at the top for his/her whole life, every top has its own bottom. Life must go on.

Today can be my lowest point, but if I push through and keep going on my life. There’s no other option than up, it’s a bright side of the lowest point. On the other hand, if today is at my highest position when things seem too good to be true, don’t forget where we came from and why we do what we do. So we’re not wasting our potential here and now.

Even at the lowest point in life, there’s always a bright side in every story.


I want to share with you several tips for us to go in life. Of course, this will helps us to go towards our goal in life. We should bring these words into our daily life. First, whatever we do, we should do it based on love. Love is come from within, love is contagious. We can give without love, but we cannot love without giving. Love brings the best of people. Love can be one-sided but when love has come from both sides, it is so powerful. Life will change, progress will be seen.

The best part of life will definitely come into us if we let love accompanied by Joy, Peace, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness. Second is Joy. Joy gives us excitement. Joy is the fruit of passion, though passion is kinda overrated lately. Joy felt so real when we feel sudden excitement swirl from inside out on doing what we made to do, it’s Joy that fuel you forward. Then Peace, peace not limited to no conflict, peace is our decision in mind. The world can be chaotic outside, but we can decide to have Peace inside.

Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness is rare these times. Kindness frequently used as a tool to self-promoting and not authentic. Authentic kindness has no bound and could breaking any boundaries that we know. Goodness is born in every human. The reality is most of us not used to practice it. It’s easily faded through our lies. The more we fall into temptation and doing things that hurt ourselves and others, the more behind the goodness in us. While Gentleness is near with gentleman. Being gentle isn’t common in some cultures. Gentle is weak. How long have we distracted by that lie? Gentleness should be taught. Gentleness only comes from the stronger ones. It’s not restricted to men only, it’s applicable for the woman as well. Gentleness is an act of honor to others.

The process from the bottom to the top no one knows. Yet we can ride a faster vehicle available, not a shortcut, just a faster one. Longsuffering and Faithfulness would let us pass every obstacle without total broken in every phase. Faster doesn’t always mean time-efficient. Faster could mean energy-effective. Longsuffering in the process makes us more patient and focus on going forward. Meanwhile, Faithfulness brings us hope and grasping our belief about the future. No matter how bad the reality is, we can always see the brighter scenario of all.

It’s like a rubber band ball that’s tightly woven together and each interconnected. I hope this could brighten your days, and please comment or give any feedback below. Your feedbacks are important to us. Thank you!

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