Bonne Nuit

Nowadays, I’m attracted to French accent. It heard so classy, unique, and kinda sweet. The word have meaning “good night”, we always said that in conversation with people, but not every people, it only works to people who is known to us, usually we Indonesian do that.

Saying good night is a sign to end today’s conversation, it might continued tomorrow, or it might not. Depends on the latest conversation, or the kind of relationship that you have. One could be attractive and full of energy which could boost the morning wake when saw her/his messages on our phone, the other has no meaning or effect. How we perceive that’s matter.

Lately I’ve found myself deep down wanted to write, yet seldom doing it, it took month for me to start writing (read : typing) again. HAHA.

Perceive comes from what we think it’s right. Then it become our Perspective.

People perspective build based on what they’ve been through. Environment, experience, person they looked up to, and so on. Why perspective matter? it matter because perspective is how we look to our “truth”. Dictionary only cover the definition of something that could be written. Yet people perspective would make them have different meaning from what it’s written in dictionary, or would have deeper meaning than the dictionary.

Let’s say FREEDOM.
the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

without hindrance or restraint. But people tends to wasting their freedom they have if they’re not use it wisely and with structure, in some kind of framework that fit to the society. That’s why prison is there to let us stay there when we selfishly do our “Freedom”.

Well, the night will past, and the day come. It goes like that everyday (period). We won’t know what’s behind the good night from our friends are to them or would affect us tomorrow. Sometimes how we perceive is affected by others opinions and response. But we should stick with our own perspective, the perspective that we know it’s true and with the right Source. Find HIM, learn, have relationship with The Source. Since we have our freedom to blessed other people by our words today. Let us not weary to do good, to be there when someone need us. Last but not least, time is limited.

The essence of time is felt when we past the time itself. Stay positive and do what we can do now. Because tomorrow is depends on what we do now.

Bonne Nuit 🙂

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