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Having your quarantine birthday in Jakarta? No worries! I will provide some F&B vendor ideas that are curated by me for my boyfie’s (or fiancée LOLLLL still not get used to it) birthday as follows:

Titik Rasa Artisan Pattiserie

Pretty cake and pretty board as well, I wonder whether the maker is also an artist :”)

When art meets great combination of flavors, that’s the right sentence when it comes to this birthday cake. The unique point of this cake is that the color and each layer of the cake will be determined by the personality of the recipient since they will provide the questionnaire to the sender when ordering the cake. Will re-order this lovely cake!

Instagram: @titik.rasa

Each layer of the cake represents the personality of the recipient.
Handwriting explanation of each layer of cake. So lovely.

Khas Indonesian Fruit Wine

Most of us sometimes only knew that “wine” is very identical with grapes as its basic material. However, we tend to forget that our country, Indonesia, has accustomed with its habit to ferment the fruit for to alcoholic beverages. With one of the goals to promote the consumption and remind Indonesian again about its richness and culture, Khas has successfully turned the high quality tropical fruit to fruit wine. There are several kind of tropical fruits that are used as the ingredients, and for this time I’m choosing banana fruit wine.

Instagram: @khas_fruitwine

Furusato Izakaya

Beef Hamburg Set (include Japanese rice, beef hamburg, sauce, salad, appetizer (salad pasta), miso soup, and sauce)

During this quarantine era, you must be very concern with the hygiene of the foods that you choose to eat. Either for dine-in or take away or delivery services, I must say that this authentic Japanese restaurant has two thumbs up from my side. Other than that, they also commit to preserve the authenticity and th great taste of the foods even if you do not eat on site directly.

Instagram: @furusatoizakaya

Interesting, right? Thank you for your time to read the recommendation of the curated foods from me. Do not forget to follow and tag me on Instagram @nadiatedianto when you’re (finally) deciding to try ‘em and let me know what you think!

All love,


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