Partir in French has meaning “to go”. Silly human, we live in a life full of what so-called responsibility. Working every day, aiming for promotion, seek to get paid month by month. Life so we called, fills with jobs, relationship with people, aiming to be independently wealthy and living a healthy life. Life for each one of us is going to be different from one to another whether one will enjoy longer, or one will suffer sooner. Our time is limited, don’t forget to live the fulfilling life, rather than strangled by the perks of life.

Life is like a marathon. Giving or receiving condolences is a part of the process. There will be time for us to face someone we love taken away by death, feeling the anguish and deep in pain. In these past weeks, I’ve experienced my friend’s family funerals. Sending condolences is easy but being his/her supporting system along the way is something. In terms of third-person view, I wanted to give condolences another kind of response, not supporting the feeling controlled by the sadness and sorrow, yet to give hope a chance. We could see how he/she impacted the lives of others in passing the legacy from their life and for he/she who already finish their sense of purpose in life. It’s a moment in life that we should cherish.

While typing this one, I recalled back what did I felt and how were my actions in the past. Tears. The time when I heard my Grandpa passed away, I felt numb. I’m okay, I’m fine, then in the funeral, while seeing his picture on the top of the coffin, I didn’t want to look inside, I could not stand myself to stop overwhelmed with this feeling. The anguish, the lost, the truth that I won’t be able to go with him again to buy fried chicken, and go to the mall with him after school, the comment after rice cooker is done, the morning walk, the scent of ‘seciu’, his presence in this world. That moment, mold me to become stronger in how to manage my feeling. Then come another, my Grandma this time. The time is so right, this one I got a call while I’m just packing out at a cottage at Lake Toba, Medan. My response? Suddenly tears come falls, this time I think I could handle it better. The truth did affect my experience for the whole trip. What I do remember is how great they are in person, their heart, their positivity and I can say they have lived their purposes in life. Finishing well.

Again and again, what do you want to be remembered? What kind of legacy did you want to leave behind? Are you already being a good person? Or maybe you are not intending to become good after all? People usually acknowledge faithfully when he/she is passed away. Legacy passing down. Influence continued. Sense of purpose cultivated. It’s contagious, when we are inspired, we can be easily inspiring others as well. Let the legacy continue.

“Condolences is not a moment of sadness and sorrow. In condolences we learn to giving our sincere support the most.”

One response to “Condolences”

  1. Deep condolence for your grandma & grandpa 😦
    Bersyukur kamu bisa membalikkan kesedihan itu jadi kekuatan. Karena dari kesusahan lah kita akan dikuatkan,and i believe that verse.
    Keep strong and positive thinking pal. God always be with you and so do i.

    *virtual hug*


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